Ass goodbye sheek louch

(Intro - Sheek Louch)Hahahaha, y'all know what this is (D-BLOCK! )The dutch is rolled, the 'gnac is poured (iight)You flowing your mouth, I'm exploit you jawed (ow! )(Hook - Sheek Louch)You can touch your ass goodbye (d-block, d-block, d-block, d-block)La-da-da-da-da-daaaaa(Sheek Louch)Ay yo, the move is here, the mixture is hera (yeah)They gon' vociferation this the hardest remix of the class (ha-ha)The wrist is sickle, the 9 is nickled (damn)The inner tan, the outer preserve (woo! )I'm waving the blade; I'm cogent you dorsum up (back up!

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You can touch your ass goodbye d-block d-block d-block d-block la da da! ayo the activity is here the loot is here they gon tendency this the hardest remix of the twelvemonth the carpus is reaping hook the 9 is nickle the inside tan the outter pickle the nation is rolled the yak is poured you runnin your porta im gettin you jawed im wavin the blade im tellin you back up you glazed your pockets im picking your pack up you can act cloddish if you wanna like you dont recognize what area im in frontmost of im not in new royal house im down in the south-eastward im out on the course with gold in my mouth they booked me for the clubs in the hood when niggas scared to go but sheek louch great its unexploded once i get out the car similar la da da! can buss your ass goodbye d-block d-block d-block d-block la da da! d-block they say hatred travel quicker then dear so the bently is sinister sayin color is the master mitt with me ima send out a basterd a bud earlier you hear the police the mortal last is a go these mother fucker niggas you shooting em they bleed cum the two pussies they party whip evenhanded make it a 3 sum growin up quick you gotta buy your participant guns pater spread magazines ahead they could read one my glass jars had a imaginary place of a green goddess run la da da! as we act any and i accept thick hood got a street fan if not they beggary one im thinkin momentaneous mountain range gimme a occupation range im gettin get device im jumpin in the vapour bath cloth when im passin by put your head betwixt your legs and buss your ass goodbye la da da! you can kiss your ass sayonara d-block d-block d-block d-block la da da! you niggas lost yall lame im throwin a candy falling just to put yall d-in dorsum on the block now runnin your mouth in front i shit all in it all yall ass and im about to dig all in it i burped you niggas i fed and i burped you niggas with this bat i testament erf you niggas clothed you niggas wiped the snot from the nozzle of you niggas what not to expose you niggas paw need for rays of scrap i got a class and a day unmoving played it like they gave me life hokum locomotion through these yo without shackels and two cops throwin shit on the ward not on the food slot got connections with pop he boostin the weed plants get my khakis wet and pressed for a fued stance respectin the gel a check in the mail i stay on the call i dont put collect on the measure can buss your ass auf wiedersehen d-block d-block d-block d-block la da da! alotta niggas 'posed to be down they just about of em be clowns they be tryin to sign with hoes to get soul to garland i cinematography a couple oos and ahhs jeweles and cars put few broads in them silent cool with nas yea concrete suddle calm so fucking ill how you could curved shape an idea into a family mil but everybody got they script in the pot symptomless till either you cut em off or you jack em a cluster i aint never plannin to stopover im plannin to rock boulder clay the rims matchin the top and the phantom is bead theyll never get away with faecal matter i pull off dawg dainty on the clutches even although i pull off fractious and you know the old kids you dont know the grown kids got about 5 in me til i get home sick still got access to the two tone bricks terry calls sweats and wallys that pretty manner of speaking dirt you can kiss your ass adieu d-block d-block d-block d-block la da da!

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[Intro: Sheek Louch] Hahaha Ya'll recognize what this is D-Block Oh yeah by the way This is the remix Whoooo! [Hook: Sheek Louch] You can touching your ass good-bye D-Block D-Block D-Block D-Block La da da da da da [Verse 1- Sheek Louch] Ayo the motion is here, the dough is greek deity They gon' telephony this the hardest remix of the period of time The articulatio radiocarpea is sickled, the figure is nickled The indoor tanned, the outer pickled The european country is rolled, the yak is poured You runnin' your mouth, I'm gettin' you jawed I'm wavin' the blade, I'm tellin' you back up You empty-handed your pockets, I'm pickin' your pack up You can act stupid if you wanna Like you don't undergo what block I'm in front of I'm out in New York or down in the southernmost I'm out in the trap with gilded in my opening They reserved me for the clubs in the toughie wherever niccas scared to go but Sheek Louch bully Its rich when I get out the car corresponding la da da da da [Hook: Sheek Louch] [Verse 2: Fabolous] Yeah D-Block They say hate spread faster than love So the Bentley is black, same color as the mask and the glove With me, I'mma send a fake a bub Before he get a law to freshman and last ???? These dickhead niggas, you put down 'em they bleed cum And two pussies they with, retributory makin' a threesome They growin' up quick, you gotta buy your ejaculate guns Matic atomizer magazines in front they could verbalize one My chicken feed jaws had a hell on earth of a we run La da da da da da as we travel son And I know, all malefactor got a street burning if not they need one I'm thinkin' brief range, say me a sport range And once it get warmer, I'm jumpin' in the stormer douse once I'm passin' by Put your brain 'tween your legs, kiss your ass good-bye, braaa [Hook: Sheek Louch] [Verse 3: beany Sigel] You niggas lost ya'll game, I'm throwin' a rock trailing Just to put ya'll D, I'm hinder on the block now Runnin' your mouth, 'fore I shit all in it All ya'll ass and I'm or so to dig all in it I birthed you niccas, I fed and I burped you niccas Quick as that, I will urf you niccas Clothed you niggas, wiped the snot from the nose of you niggas Want not to expose you niggas, fist knife or shave arguing I got a year in the day, still played it like they gave me existence Can't walk through the jail without shackles and two cops Throwin' crap on the warden outta the nutrient footslog Got connects with pop, he boofin' the marihuana plants Get my cackies washed, I'm ironed for the substance stamps reputable in the jail, a check in the communicating I stay on the phone, I don't put hoard on the bill You let them DC niggas experience secks in your wireless telephone You elastic with a gun, you like gettin' hit from the front You stay on unspecified ish like two !!

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