Pasific and asian plates

Ring of Fire, also named Circum-Pacific part or Pacific anchor ring of Fire, lasting horseshoe-shaped seismically active part of earthquake epicentres, volcanoes, and tectonic plate boundaries that fringes the peaceful basin. For over-much of its 40,000-km (24,900-mile) length, the bump follows chains of terra firma arcs such as country and New Hebrides, the land archipelago, the Philippines, Japan, the Kuril Islands, and the Aleutians, as well as new arc-shaped geomorphic features, such as the west coast of northbound America and the Andes Mountains. Volcanoes are associated with the accouterment passim its length; for this reason it is called the “Ring of Fire.” A series of deep sea troughs exposure the accouterment on the body of water side, and transcontinental landmasses lie behind.

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According to the study of plate tectonics, the earth’s outer layer, the lithosphere, is divided into huge architectonic plates that sailplaning play the natural covering that sits supra the fluid volcanic rock core. The plates perform as awkward and rigid shells which institute the foundations of our telluric geography. However, the geosphere is not as rigid as we would like to think.

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